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To contact me with a question, comment, print or licensing request just shoot me an email here: chris@intotherfd.com I'm at the computer many times a day and can usually get back to you pretty quickly!

Sell Art Online

To view my images in a gallery format simply click on the images to follow the links! If you have a profile or gallery on any of these sites yourself feel free to add me! The print products I have available are also featured deviantart and Fine Art America. Thanks for your interest! You can also follow me on youtube for storm chase videos or time lapse projects that I do from time to time.

Print Pricing and Information

I now have a print site available HERE or by clicking 'Prints' in the menu bar for some images. However if the image is not found on that page and you are interested in a specific image you have seen here or on another website, use the contact email address found above and the instructions below to request a print. I recieve email updates via my cell phone so in many cases I can respond the same day.

Any image found on this site or on my gallery pages are available for printing. If you are interested in a print of an image found on the site here please simply right click on the image and select 'properties' to find the Image URL. Include this URL in the email that you send me along with the size of the print that you would like. If you are interested in an image found on one of my gallery pages I simply need the image title and the size of print you are interested in. I do accept payments via payal (you do not need a paypal account to do so, I can also accept credit payments through paypal), personal check, or money order. If you plan to pay using one of the latter two options I will provide an address to send the payment too and I will not ship your order until the funds are recieved. Prints are available in gloss or matte finishes and are shipped using USPS Priority Mail. I use a local lab (Harolds Photo) or an online service (deviantART) to print all of the images requested to ensure quality. I can also have prints matted and framed per your request for an additional cost, as well as some wrapped canvas products made. The additional cost does depend on the size of the image and I encourage you to contact me with any questions. Thanks again for your interest in owning my images!

Image Size Print Pricing
4x6in $4.99
8x12in $39.99
10x15in $59.99
12x18in $119.99
16x24in $199.99
20x30in $219.99
24x36in $349.99
30x45in $449.99

Image Licensing

Any image found on this site or on my gallery pages are available for licensing as well. For licensing information please send an email to chris@intotherfd.com with the image URLs, or image titles that you are interested in, as well as the prupose that you are intending to use them for. Please try to be as specific as possible. I always have access to email to can reply with a quote or any questions that I may have. I can also send the files to you using your FTP, my FTP on the site here, via email or using an online file transfer service of your choice. If you do have any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks!

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