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Recent Updates: October 15th, 2013: Long time, no updates! This should be changing as I have a lot more time now to work on the website and other projects! First thing I want to put here as an update is a project I worked on recently. I've had a lot of requests from friends and family recently for a calendar and for 2014 I wanted to answer that call! Storms: A 2014 Calendar is available now by following the link here. All you have to do is click 'add to cart' and then enter your method of payment. A look at the images can be found below on the cover. They are displayed in this order so you get 12 8.5x11 sized images plus a front and back cover loaded with images. If you've ever wanted to collect my work but just don't have the money for a print this would be a great place to start! Pick it up for your favorite storm lover today or to display the power of nature in your home or office! I'm sure I'll have a number of image accounts and updates coming on the site soon. Namely chases in May this year that were very productive! Still haven't done much of last years chases as well... so, tons of image accounts coming after a lot of coding. In addition I'll be adding tons of new images to my galleries and print pages, so keep an eye out for those! To tide you over until then! Here are some previews including the calendar cover! Thanks for all of your patience!

Calendar Cover

Calendar Cover!

AnsleyStack_filtered copy

May 26th, 2013- Ansley, Nebraska

SouthDakota1 copy

May 25th, 2013- New Underwood, South Dakota

IMG_5491 copy

Late Summer- Cathedral Spires in the Black Hills!

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